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Statistical information, such as date and place of birth, information on historical significance, and information on accomplishments is desired. She began her career as a reporter in the RTÉ newsroom and first started covering politics as a weekly columnist for Village magazine, edited by Vincent Browne.

The bubbly presenter, who is one of Northern Ireland's best-known personalities, is set to host her own new prime-time Friday night entertainment show for UTV starting next weekend.

No one is more delighted than the lady herself, although she does confess to being a little daunted by the latest announcement that UTV has decided against a male co-host.

This is for all you boys out there who have spent sleepless nights wondering whether she likes you or likes you not. You say the right things at the right time, and have the ladies eating out of your hands. If you are still single, that’s probably because you can't decide which girl to pick. The women in your life love you and probably discuss all their love problems with you. When they get tired of the games, they'll all come to you, and then you'll have a sea of choices to choose from. Your personality tells them you are sensitive and passionate.

You might be a stud, you might be a nerd, there's no predicting who a woman might develop affections for! You might not be the best dancer in the club, but rest assured you are the one the ladies will go home with.

•Own a shotgun with enough rounds to kill a flock of geese?

Pull on your cowboy boots and best pair of Wranglers, and head on down with your cutie to The Westerner (21 and older) in West Valley City, where you can swing each other around on free country dancing nights every Thursday through Saturday.

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Not only has she dropped three dress sizes in the past two years, but is also glowing after recently treating herself to cosmetic work on her face.We are devoted to promoting and supporting local Ogden in all its glory and showing the world that there really is no place like Ogden.Do You: •Have to have some sort of facial hair, beard or mustache that is well groomed?The springs are just over an hour drive from downtown Ogden, so in no time at all you can be melting away stress together in warm and lovely emerald waters.Here you’ll find some of the best steaks in the state, (chicken, fish and vegan entrees are also available) and complimentary melt-in-your mouth homemade rolls and cornpones with raspberry butter that will leave you wondering if you even need an entrée.The timing is ironic, as it was exactly six years ago, almost to the very day, that a tearful Pamela left UTV after her job was axed during compulsory redundancies.


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